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Climbing in Color

By Eagle Climbing + Fitness member Cristian Ortega Join us for our inaugural “Climbers of Color” event from 10am-1pm on May 8th! Did you know that Colorado has approximately 5,700 climbing routes, or 3 of the 50 classic climbs of North America? I sure didn’t growing up. I never even knew about the sport of climbing.  Growing up in the mountains, I never realized how amazing we have it. People move here simply to be closer to all these sports. Many of us are raised here never experiencing them. Sure, there are other things keeping us from knowing about a[Read More]

There’s a phrase common in recovery circles that says, “you’re only as sick as your secrets”. Addictions notoriously thrive in situations of silence. They are able to hide beneath deep layers of shame and fear that can perpetuate the cycle over years, lifetimes, and even generations - all because of the deep need for protection.  Addictive behaviors both create and feed on the idea of protection. They serve as a shield, deflecting danger through compulsive actions and choices. Danger can be anything the brain perceives as a threat, from trauma, loss, and change to stress or intense emotion. Hiding behind[Read More]

Climbing in the Age of COVID

Before COVID, I engaged in all sorts of everyday behavior that would probably terrify me today: rescuing snacks that fell in the dirt and stealing bites of food, not fully washing my hands for days while camping, rubbing my eyes or nose without a second thought, sharing long bear hugs with my loved ones, driving across the country and stopping in random gas stations along the way, giving sweaty high fives to all my youth climbers, shaking hands with strangers, spending hours out on the trails or at the crag depleting my immune system… ok, fine, I still do that[Read More]

Climbing for Mental Health

Written by Lucie Hanes - Youth Programs Director, Head Coach, + Routesetter at Eagle Climbing + Fitness Well-rounded health dives deep. While we’ve all spent the last year focusing so heavily on physical health amidst what seems like an onslaught of worldwide crises, it’s been all too easy to neglect a huge part of the equation. Mental health plays just as much of a role in the greater scheme of our health as all things physical, and connects right back to how we feel in our physical bodies. The way that we think and feel on a daily basis manifests[Read More]

Fall Events at ECF

With our second snowfall already upon on us, the seasons are officially changing. Join us in embracing the fall weather and celebrating the Great Indoors at our many upcoming events over the next few weeks. Community Education + Entertainment Series This series hosts events on Thursdays at 6:30pm, all focused on highlighting members of our community and fostering relationships among our Eagle family. Upcoming events include.... October 24th: "(people) of water" film starring US Men's Raft Team This movie event features our very own John Mark Seelig, owner of GOAT Fitness and Captain of the US Men's Rafting Team. The[Read More]

Hello, Eagle family! Now that we’re settling into the end of our first year at Eagle Climbing + Fitness, we’re finally getting around to some of those dream projects that had to take the back seat for a while - such as this blog. Here, we’ll be sharing personal stories of climbing and life, information about upcoming events, ideas for your own climbing and adventure lifestyles, and plenty more content to help tap into this community’s infectious love for rock, trails, ice, snow, and a big comfy couch at the end of it all. We'll start with me, Lucie, because[Read More]