Adult Bouldering League begins 12/1/23

Join us for our next Adult Bouldering League. Dates TBD. Check out info from our previous Leagues!

This casual League is focused on fun, friendship, climbing, and community with a smidge of competition! New League Boulders will premier once a month.

Climbers of ALL abilities are welcome to participate (Scoring is based on the relative grade limit for each climber). Create a Co-Ed Team of 3-4, or join as a Free Agent and let us find you a team. For ages 18+.

We’ll celebrate with Raffle Prizes and a FUN League After Party! We are so excited, how about you??


How does it work? Each month, League members will attempt the fresh ‘Adult Bouldering League’ climbs and log the boulders they complete using the Pebble Climbing app. Each League boulder will have a designated ‘League’ placard in a particular area of the gym, so you’ll know which climbs are part of the set. Climbers have 10+ days to get the most points as possible on the new League set. Pebble will reflect not only your team’s score but your individual score as well, which will be made up of each member’s top 3 boulders completed each week. At the end of 4 months, there will be a raffle with tons of awesome prizes. The winners will get glory and bragging rights until the next League! Be sure to follow the live, ongoing leaderboard in Pebble to track your progress and compete!

When is the League? New League boulders will premier once a month. League members will get EXCLUSIVE access to the League boulders on the opening night from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. If you can’t make the League night, don’t fret! Everyone has 10 days to continue trying the League boulders at their convenience.
League Dates: TBD

We know that you’ve probably got some epic winter plans, and we’re focused on keeping this League FUN and FLEXIBLE, so we’ll drop each team member’s lowest score at the of this 4 month League. That way, you can keep your vacations as planned AND participate in this ROCKIN’ Adult League!

How does the scoring work? When you register in the Pebble app, you’ll be asked for your current max V-grade (the highest grade you can regularly complete in two climbing sessions). Your points are then derived from that baseline. Teams will have a Monthly and a Total score. The Monthly Team Score is an average of the score of all the team members. The Total Team Score is a sum of each Monthly Score.


Example: a V5 climber who climbs a V5 receives 100 points, if they climb a V4 then they receive 90 points and a V6 would be at 110 points. With this Relative Scoring System, any climber who climbs a boulder that is the same grade as their Max V-Grade will receive 100 points. This allows climbers of all abilities to earn points in equal measure for their team. Our table only goes to two grades above your current Max V-Grade in order to discourage cheating (sandbagging). If you feel you have gotten stronger, you can update your Max V-Grade by contacting Courtney at

What does it cost? Adult Bouldering League will be FREE moving forward! 

How do I sign up?

1. Gather your team.
2. Download the Pebble Climbing app and set up your account. Follow ‘Eagle Climbing + Fitness’ in the app.
3. Sign up for EC+F Adult Bouldering League in the Pebble App.
– You’ll be asked to create a team or join a team if a teammate has already signed up and created the team.
– If you don’t have a team, please sign up as a Free Agent and we’ll find a team for you.