Youth Climbing Programs

Eagle Climbing + Fitness has a variety of youth climbing programs for kids of all ages starting at age 3 through high school, catering to all ability levels from introductory to competitive climbers. Eagle Climbing + Fitness brings a highly successful youth climbing program with experienced professional staff,  developed in the Vail Valley in 2002.

See the carousels and information below for the schedules and details for each of our Youth Program options.

Youth Climbing Programs
– Elite Talons Climbing Team
– Junior Talons Climbing Team
– Eagles Climbing Team
– Climbing Club
– Homeschool Climbing Club
– Eaglets
– School’s Out Climbing Camp
– Summer Climbing Camp

* Children participating in the Climbing Club, Eagles Team, & Talons Team will often be partnered with each other. This means your child will be belayed by another child enrolled in the program and your child will belay other children. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not enroll your child in our group programs. We offer private lessons (fees apply) and can also instruct parents on these belay skills so you can supervise your child’s climbing directly.

Climbing Camps + Events

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Youth Climbing Teams + Clubs

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Climbing Team Policies

Participation on the Eagles Team, Junior Talons Team, and Talons Elite Team require prior approval from the Head Coach based on a Team Tryout. This is to ensure all athletes have sufficient prior climbing experience, a positive attitude, are motivated to learn and try hard, and are placed appropriately with similar ages and abilities. Team members are expected to sign and agree to a Team Contract.

Each of these teams require a 3 month minimum commitment. Billing occurs for these teams on the 1st of each month. Prorated refunds/credits are not available for missed practices or if a child chooses to drop out midway through the season. Refunds or credits can be provided for injury or lengthy illness with a doctor’s note.

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