As a small, independently-owned and operated business, it is exciting to announce that the Eagle Climbing + Fitness community just got a whole lot bigger! Introducing the CLIMB Pass program – where your Eagle Climbing + Fitness membership now gets you one FREE day pass each calendar month to each of the following gyms: Ascent Studio, Boulder Rock Club, G1, Gripstone, Ubergrippen Denver, Ubergrippen Castle Rock, and Whetstone.

We collectively believe in adding as much benefit to your membership as possible. Here’s to growing our communities together – and thank you for being a part of it!

The CLIMB Pass Roster

Ascent Studio
Fort Collins, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

Boulder Rock Club

Denver, CO

Eagle Climbing + Fitness
Eagle, CO

Castle Rock, CO

G1 Climbing
Broomfield, CO

Fort Collins, CO

How to use your CLIMB Pass

When you arrive at any of the other facilities they will confirm that you are a current qualified member at Eagle Climbing + Fitness. The barcode number from your Member card is the simplest way for them to look you up. They’ll be able to simply scan your Eagle Climbing + Fitness member barcode.

If you forget to bring your membership card they can look you up using your name, but it may not be as reliable since they can only search for exactly your name as we have in our system. E.g. ‘Bobby Smith’ would not show up if they were searching for ‘Bob Smith’ or even ‘Robert Smith’.

Any questions, let us know!

The Fine Print


  • You MUST have an active, paid-in-full or recurring monthly membership at your Eagle Climbing + Fitness.
  • You MUST adhere to each participating facility’s policies including:
    • Signing a valid release of liability.
    • Taking a belay test.
    • Auto Belay orientations.
    • Abiding by general facility rules (eg. If the facility requires an assisted braking device to lead belay, as we do here at Eagle Climbing + Fitness).


  • Limit 1 free day pass every calendar month to each of The CLIMB Pass participating facilities.
  • Your member MUST be active (memberships cannot be FROZEN or TERMINATED).
  • You MUST NOT have a past due balance.


  • Trial memberships (such as the Intro to Climbing Package) are excluded.
  • Some Free memberships are excluded.

Other Important Info:

  • Membership perks from a climber’s home facility do not transfer (eg. guest passes, discounts on classes or discounted day passes for friends who aren’t members).
  • Free entry to participating facilities is non-transferable.
  • Sometimes facilities have events occurring that limit their members and guests use of the facility. Please call the facility you would like to visit ahead of time to make sure that there are not any special events occurring during your planned visit.
  • This is a trial program. Each of the participating gyms expects to maintain this benefit through the end of 2024, but does reserve the right to drop out of the program at any time.