How Busy Is It Right Now?

Reservations are REQUIRED while we are in Level Orange.

Level Orange Updates (11/16)

Good news, we’re still open! And, we’ve been conservative and operating at less than 25% capacity since we reopened in May, so there won’t be many big changes for you in Level Orange. But, we do need your continued diligence and compliance with the COVID regulations and Public Health Orders. Read on to see what we expect of each member and guest, and what our staff are doing to keep everyone healthy and strong.


Reservations are REQUIRED while we are in Level Orange. We have hit our capacity on multiple occasions during the past few weeks. The fastest way to make a reservation is through the RGP Connect App for Apple or Android devices. You can also make a reservation through our website HERE.  If you cannot make it for your reservation, please contact the desk (970-328-0893) or login to your account to cancel.

Our busiest times are 4pm – 8pm Monday – Thursday. For those that have flexible schedules, please consider visiting during the day, you may even get the gym to yourself! You can always check current occupancy at the top of this webpage and in the RGP Connect app.

After you finish your session, please check out with the Front Desk staff, so we can keep an accurate count of people in the facility.

Level Orange Capacity for Eagle Climbing + Fitness: 50 people

Capacity Limits by Room (3 people maximum per zone in climbing areas):
Downstairs (Main Climbing Area) ≤ 21 people
Bouldering Garden ≤ 6 people
Jungle Gym ≤ 6 people
Mac’s Training Room ≤ 9 people
Cardio Room ≤ 5 people
Fitness Room ≤ 5 people
Yoga Studio ≤ 9 people

There is new signage in each room to remind you of the capacity limits. We ask that when you get to an area, please do a quick count of the number of people there and only stay if there are fewer than the limit. Do not congregate with other members or guests, and remember there is a maximum of 3 people per climbing zone. When resting, please move off the padded flooring and away from climbing zones, so others can utilize the space. Please feel free to rest on the cubbies while maintaining social distance.


What precautions are we taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19?

We’re encouraging social distancing by
– Limiting capacity to less than 25% of our total capacity and less than 25 people per room.
– Staggered check-in times utilizing our online reservation system.
– Smaller climbing zones with a max of 3 people in each zone to help spread climbers throughout the facility.
– Discouraging congregating by removing couches and furniture.
– Encouraging climbers to limit their climbing partners.
– Spreading out fitness equipment to ensure adequate distance of

Cleaning + Sanitation
– We’re following the ABCs… Always Be Cleaning.
– We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility and encourage regular cleaning + sanitizing of hands.
– We regularly run the exhaust fans to refresh the air.
– Rental gear is sanitized and quarantined after each use.

Welcoming our healthy community and visitors by
Face coverings or masks are required at all times.
– Asking all guests to self-assess upon entry.
– Monitoring the health of our staff and requiring any sick staff members to not work.
– Our check-in system can contact trace. Fortunately, we’ve not needed to utilize this feature (!), but it can be used to support the Eagle County Public Health Dept in contact tracing.What about Youth Programs?Following Level Orange restrictions, Climbing Teams and Climbing Club will become virtual. Families will receive emails from our coaching staff with workout plans and expectations for each week we remain in Level Orange.Furthermore, Climbing Camps are suspended until we return to Level Yellow. Families that have registered for upcoming camps will be contacted via email.

Latest COVID-19 Updates (7/5)

Now that we’ve been fully open for just over a month, we have a feel for the new routine and the new normal.

If you’re looking to join us for the first time since we reopened, here’s what you’ll need to know…

  1. Read and sign our COVID Guidelines
  2. Expect a brief orientation when you arrive about our facility’s updated policies and procedures.
  3. Reservations are highly recommended, but not required.
  4. In accordance with the Eagle County Mask Mandate in the 7/3 Public Health Order, masks or face coverings are required inside all businesses. There is an exception for exercising in a gym or fitness center (Section IV. C. 2. d. vi). This addition to the Public Health Order means that masks are now required in our facility and can be removed only while actively climbing or doing cardio.
  5. We are open to the public! Members, punch card holders, and day pass users are all welcome to our facility.
  6. In this COVID era, we are considered a high touch facility. This means our climbing holds are NOT being washed or sanitized between ascents or even everyday. We require our guests and members to have a high level of personal responsibility. Check out the infographic below to see everything we’re doing and what we expect from each of you.


Climbing Reopens May 25th!

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for… WE’RE REOPENING CLIMBING on Monday May 25th!

We’ve been hard at work preparing for this monumental occasion, and we cannot wait to welcome YOU and our amazing community back into our space. It’s seriously sparkling in here – you are going to love all of our improvements. Of course, folks are curious about climbing responsibly in the COVID era, so read on to learn what we’re doing to minimize risk and transmission of COVID-19 in our facility.

Our protocols are in accordance with the Eagle County Public Health OrderCDC recommendations, and the Climbing Wall Association Reopening Guidelines. While we are taking your health and safety and that of our staff very seriously by employing new safety and sanitation initiatives, there is no guarantee that these measures will protect you from contracting COVID-19. These risks can be mitigated, however, by rigorously adhering to proper personal hygiene and social distancing practices as described below in our facility guidelines. We as a community need everyone to commit to the highest level of personal responsibility in order to protect our families, our friends, and each other.

Woohoo, we’re SO excited too!! Here’s how it’ll work…
1) Read and sign our COVID-19 Guidelines to show your understanding and commitment to following our policies. *You only need to sign this once.
2) We are currently open only to members and punch card holders. You can purchase a membership or punch card HERE. We look forward to welcoming back day pass users very soon! We just need a little time to work out our new system and procedures.
3) Sign up for a climbing time using our online reservation system. We’ll be using this system for the foreseeable future to help us track and limit the number of people in our facility. Walk-ins will be allowed, if space is available.
Looking for yoga and/or fitness? Sign up on this calendar!
We are excited to offer Summer Camp for kids ages 5-12 beginning Monday June 1st! We have 1/2 day, full day, and full week options all summer long for kids ages 5-12. Act fast though, our Early Bird pricing expires on May 31st! Learn more and register HERE. Be sure to read through all our COVID-19 Camp Protocols on the registration page and in your confirmation emails.
We’re continuing our FREE Adult Training Classes on Monday and Wednesday nights. Did you buy a hangboard during Quarantine but now you’re wondering if you’re doing it right? Or, maybe you want to know which exercises to do and how often and how many reps? Join Coach and Routesetter Ben (AKA Bun Blast) and gain insight and strength! Sign up and learn more HERE.
And, our full lineup of Adult Climbing Workshops will resume in June. Learn all the basics in our Intro to Climbing Workshop, refine your technique and gain strength in the Getting to 5.10 Workshop, or if you’re gearing up for some outdoor climbing, be sure to look into our Learn to Lead Workshop and our Plastic to Classic Series. Learn more HERE.
We are so excited to continue Building Strength in our Community. Now, more than ever, it takes all of us, doing our part, to make us stronger and keep us all healthy. We appreciate your support with following and abiding by the Public Health order and our facility guidelines.

Reopening Announcement (4/30)

We can finally see the light at the end of this long tunnel. The news we’ve all been waiting for… EAGLE CLIMBING + FITNESS IS REOPENING THIS MONDAY, MAY 4TH! However, we are reopening in stages, please read on for details and new guidelines for our facility.

These past 6.5 weeks that we’ve been closed have been a rollercoaster. We’ve felt all the emotions – everything from despair and fear to gratitude and joy. We are eternally grateful to all of our community members who have helped us in so many ways to weather these challenges. We look forward to continuing to build the strength in our community together and once again providing opportunities for fitness, yoga, and climbing.

Our goal is to provide the safest possible environment for our employees, members, and guests by specifically minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19, while providing our community an opportunity to stay fit and build their immune system through physical activity. Whenever you choose to re-enter our facility, we will be so incredibly grateful to see you!

Things may seem quite different though as we all find ourselves in a very changed reality versus two months ago. We are implementing several social distancing, hygiene, and personal responsibility measures throughout our facility. Our COVID-19 guidelines are available HERE. We are requiring that all participants read and sign these guidelines to show your understanding and commitment to following our policies.

For the time being, Eagle Climbing + Fitness is open only to members and punch card holders. We are not selling day passes at this time. Punch cards and memberships are available HERE. Furthermore, our facility is open only to Eagle County residents.

Our staff has been back at work the past two weeks cleaning, scrubbing, and sanitizing our entire 10,500 square foot facility. Everything from kettlebells and yoga mats to handholds and door handles have been sanitized and will continue to be sanitized on a regimented schedule. The safety and health of our community is our top priority.

Beginning May 4th, we’re opening our Fitness Areas – the GOAT Training Room and the Cardio Room. A maximum of 10 people may use these spaces at any one time. To offer fair opportunities for all of our devoted members to use our facility, we have created an online Reservation System. You can sign up for 90 minutes blocks of time to get in a workout. Click HERE to sign up! We’ll be gradually increasing the number of Reservation times over the next few weeks and as we open more of our facility.

Get the GOAT classes with Coach Garry return on Tuesday May 5th. We are excited to get back to training, lifting, and sweating and hope you are too. To begin, we’re offering classes 3 days each week on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays at 6:00am & 5:30pm.

Each class is limited to 5 people. Signing up is imperative or you may be turned away upon arrival. A different strength and conditioning workout will be programmed each day, so you can attend three different days and partake in three different workouts.

Spring is here and life-as-we-knew-it is slowly returning. So, if you are needing a fitness kickstart and some much needed accountability, Coach Garry is available for 1-on-1 private training, small group training, and customized workout programming/accountability.
1-on-1 training with Garry is being offered at $50 per hour for the first 3 people that sign up.
Small Group Training is $25 per person per session. This is optimal for friends and family that want to workout together but might not be able to make the class times or want to do some training outside of class. Small group training is also ideal for training for fitness goals or events.
Fully customized and individualized monthly training programs are $150. These training programs come with exercise demos, a training and tracking app on your phone, coaching accountability, and customized training towards your specific needs, wants, and goals.
Email Coach Garry for more info or to schedule a session.

Beginning May 6thwe’ll have a new Sunset Flow with Dana on Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Warrior Yoga (beginning 5/12) with Twyla on Tuesdays at 6pm. Yoga offerings will gradually increase during the coming weeks as well, so keep checking the Yoga Calendar for new additions and to sign up!
Our yoga classes are great for all levels (climbers and non-climbers alike!), but will be limited to 8 participants per class, so be sure to sign up to save a spot.
For the month of May, current EC+F members (NOT frozen) can also enjoy complimentary Virtual Yoga with Yoga Off Broadway. For access to Virtual Yoga, email Yvonne at

We’ll be opening climbing in the near future (as soon as allowed), stay tuned for updates! Our routesetting team has been diligently scrubbing every single climbing hold and every inch of climbing wall – it’s sparkling! But, we have some more work to do before we can safely and responsibly offer climbing. The wait will be worth it, promise! We are actively involved in helping create protocols and guidelines for reopening climbing gyms throughout the state and beyond.

Frozen EFT Members: your membership will remain Frozen until you tell us to unfreeze it. Membership Freezes will remain free through the month of May.
Current EFT Members: your membership billing will occur on May 4th. Thank you again for your support during our closure, you helped us stay afloat!
Prepaid Members: your prepaid membership expiration date will move forward 49 days – the length of our closure (unless you elected to keep your original date to support us through the closure).

Until we meet again, the belay is on!
The Eagle Climbing + Fitness Team

Membership Updates 3/21

Dear Eagle Climbing + Fitness Family,

In times of crisis, we turn to family, friends, community, and the things that ground us. The gym is all of that to us. Know that we miss each of you dearly and cannot wait to see you all again when we are able to reopen. We now know that we will be closed at least through April 30th.

We know this is a challenging time for everyone, in so many different and profound ways. Throughout this closure, all membership freezes for EFT members will be free and automatic. And, anyone with a prepaid membership will have their expiration date extended by the length of the closure. You do not need to contact us to request a freeze.

We are a small, locally owned business, and we employ 20+ amazing locals. In all honesty, getting through this catastrophe isn’t a matter of how many staff we can keep on, but a matter of whether Eagle Climbing + Fitness survives as a business. Analyzing all the options, we concluded that the best way for us to help our staff was to make sure they had jobs to return to when this passes – that Eagle Climbing + Fitness remains solvent. It isn’t a matter of saving money by not paying our employees, it’s a matter of survival for all of us. We have laid off every one of our irreplaceable employees, but we (just like you) still have bills to pay during this crisis. We didn’t make this decision lightly—it is heart-wrenching and deeply troubling. We love our people. But in these times, loving them now means making sure that there is a job for them to come back to. And, when we reopen, we will be creeping into our slowest season for our business.

We ask that those of you who are financially able to stick with us in these difficult times to continue your memberships. This support will not go unrecognized – we are already brainstorming cool ways to thank you when this crisis ends. If you have the financial ability to continue your membership or decline a refund, please contact Courtney Moore at Your coaches, routesetters, managers and staff, and friends that work at Eagle Climbing + Fitness greatly appreciate any contributions that can be made.

We offer online gift cards, available in any amount HERE. Gift cards can be redeemed for day passes, punch cards, memberships, and much much more! We are also currently offering bookings (beginning in May, fingers crossed!) for Adult Climbing Workshops and Groups/Parties. And, for those planning ahead, our Summer Day Camp registration is available HERE.

Be on the lookout for virtual programming from us! Our staff are creating at home workouts ranging from hangboard workouts to core to yoga and meditation. These are being shared on our social media platforms. Our friends and partners at GOAT Training are also posting daily at home workouts on their social media. And, our friends and partners at Yoga Off Broadway are offering memberships to attend their 3-5 daily virtual yoga classes.

Our motto is ‘Building Strength In Our Community’ and we genuinely believe that we can continue this even through this unprecedented hardship. Our Strength now is built by supporting one another (of course, from 6+ feet away), by supporting small businesses, and by supporting our essential medical staff, first responders, and grocery workers. Check in on each other. Buy gift cards. Order take out and delivery from local restaurants. Tag us (@eagleclimbing) on social media with your safe and creative #quarantraining activities. Follow us on social media to see how we’re spending this time apart. Ask for help when needed. Offer help, we’re all going to need some help.

Until we meet again, the Belay Is On,

The Eagle Climbing + Fitness Team

Temporarily Closure Announcement (3/15)

Dear Eagle Climbing + Fitness Family,

We want to personally thank each of you for your support and understanding as we continue to monitor this pandemic and make decisions accordingly. This has been a week filled with uncertainty, and as we are all starting to realize, this is just the beginning. We’ve been speaking at length with local public health and medical professionals regarding the best decisions for our community’s health and wellbeing.

We know that climbing, yoga, and fitness is a vital part of so many lives. In these unprecedented times, we have done our very best to make decisions that benefit our community. During these challenging times, we’ve received so much gratitude for being open and giving people the opportunity to stay active and reduce stress.

We’ve made the very difficult decision to temporarily close our facility starting Monday March 16th and until further notice to ensure the safety of everyone in our community. We will keep our website updated with the most current information.

We are beyond grateful for the incredible strength and resilience of our community. While there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our gym community, the EC+F management and staff are in agreement that it is our moral obligation to join the global and local effort to flatten the curve.

Please keep following us for updates and changes. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and we’ll be in touch again later this week with more details once we have had an opportunity to better understand the situation and its impacts.

We know many of you consider Eagle Climbing + Fitness a second home and an essential component of your physical and mental well being. We do too. We will miss all of you very much during this time apart, but this too shall pass. We look forward to reopening and climbing with you again.

Best wishes for health and happiness,

Larry, Courtney, Josephine and the entire EC+F Team


If you have questions please email us at

The following information is from a Vail Daily article published 3/6.
Health officials are reminding residents and guests that the individual precautions they can take to limit their exposure are the same precautions that can help slow the spread of COVID-19  within the community.  These precautions will also help protect people in our community who may be at greatest risk for complications if they get infected.

Protect yourself

  • Wash your hands regularly, especially before eating or touching your mouth, nose, and/or eyes.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

What to do if you’re sick

  • Stay home if you develop a fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  • Wear a mask or cover your cough and sneeze.
  • Wash your hands frequently and don’t share personal items (drinking glass or utensils) with others.
  • Call your healthcare provider. Do not show up at a clinic, urgent care or the emergency department unannounced.
  • Your doctor’s office will assess your illness on the phone and provide information or guidance for you, household members, and other close contacts.
  • Testing for COVID-19 is not a routine test. Your healthcare provider will assess your symptoms and risk for the disease based on guidance from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
  • Since many of the illnesses are mild, we expect most COVID-19 patients will be isolated in their own home to rest and recover. If possible, sleep in a bedroom and use a bathroom that is not used by other household members.
  • There is no antiviral treatment for COVID-19. Getting rest and drinking plenty of fluids will likely be helpful for recovery. Only the most critically ill will be hospitalized.

Looking for more information?

CO Dept of Public Health Coronavirus Help + Info Page:

Eagle County Dept of Public Health:

Hand Washing protocol:

Coughing and Sneezing protocol: